Shipping Info

Once a shipment has been picked up by the freight carrier, Miami Missionary Tent has no control over the timely delivery of the shipment, damage or shortage which may occur. Miami Missionary Tent cannot guarantee that a shipment will be delivered on time as estimated by the freight carrier. Carriers accept shipments from Miami Missionary Tent in complete and undamaged condition. We cannot be liable for damage or shortage caused by carriers.

If your shipment has damage/shortage, please do not sign the bill of lading and acknowledge the damage/shortage. This will assist you when you file your claim. We will do all we can to assist you if your shipment has damage/shortage. However, if you do not make a note of the damage/shortage on the bill of lading, it is very difficult to file a claim. Enclosed in your shipment, you will find a packing list. Please unpack the freight and check your order thoroughly as soon as possible. 


Please note for overseas shipments:

Miami Missionary Tent Co., Inc. has helped to coordinate your shipment, however, we have not charged for this service so we ask you to please contact the freight forwarder if there are any questions concerning the shipment. This will also help you to get quick and accurate responses to your questions.

Miami Missionary Tent Company has no control over foreign governments, Customs or officials. Because we cannot guarantee services in a foreign country, we strongly recommend that you research with the foreign consulate (trade desk) to find out the duty and taxes for your shipment prior to exportation. They will have useful information and forms for importation and special duty reductive if allowed by their country. We do not offer clearance services. All duties, taxes and clearance charges as well as the local port/warehouse fees are collected to the consignee at destination. Our obligation ends at the final destination port. Some countries require an import license, and import bond, original documentation, legalization at port of export, certificates of origin etc., because of this it is up to you to find out what is required by your country.

Included in freight charges: ocean freight, export documents, inland insurance, bill of lading and handling.

Not included in freight charges: duty, clearance, taxes or local port/warehouse fees, and if needed; import license, import bond, legalization at port of export, etc..